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Urban Agriculture / Community-Home Gardening Site Volunteer and Safety Training

Thank you for expressing your interest in volunteering with us!

C.R.O.P. is working to address food apartheid and promote access to locally grown, healthy produce in the communities we serve. Before joining us on-site, each individual and organization is required to complete our Site Volunteer and Safety Training.

The training is divided into three parts, culminating in a quiz and a brief survey. Once you have completed all three parts and have passed with an 80% or better proficiency, you will receive a certificate of completion. Expect an email with your results and instructions on the next steps to register as a volunteer.

Please note that training will need to be renewed annually to ensure our volunteers are up-to-date with the latest information and safety protocols. Your feedback

on the training is highly valuable, helping us enhance our services and create a positive impact in our communities. We appreciate your commitment to making a


  •     PART ONE    
  •    PART TWO   
  •    PART THREE   
    PART ONE    

Groundwork Safety


Before engaging in any work related to growing your own food or contributing to community gardening, there are vital safety protocols to follow.

   PART TWO   

Produce Safety and Record-Keeping


Produce safety and record-keeping play pivotal roles in ensuring the quality, safety and accountability of the food we grow and distribute in community gardens.


How’s it Growing: From Seed to Harvest


High Tunnels: Extending the Growing Season


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Systems: Companion Planting

Irrigation: Cultivation Water

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