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Major USDA Funding for Farmers and Ranchers of Color

Big news for a nonprofit committed to building wealth for future generations!

Wealth Watchers Inc. recently received more than $700,000 in grant funding over a three-year period to support underserved farmers in Northeast Florida and Georgia. The funding was made possible through the USDA’s 2501 Program. Wealth Watchers was one of two Florida agencies to receive money. Through this investment, USDA awarded a total of $36.1 million to 52 organizations.

“We are so honored to be a recipient.”

“We will be able to help deserving farmers and ranchers acquire, own, operate and retain their agriculture businesses. We will assist them with establishing economically sustainable systems for farming, ranching and land conservation,” said Carrie Davis, Wealth Watchers president and CEO. “This funding will go a long way in ensuring farmers of color have access to financial management, agribusiness education and more. This is another way for Wealth Watchers to build and create generational wealth.”

The funding will allow participants to implement outreach strategies such as on-farm demonstration projects, youth-related agriculture STEM programs and other USDA events. The Wealth Watchers team will partner with farmers and ranchers not only in Northeast Florida, but also North Florida and Southeast, Southwest and Central Georgia. The monetary investments are part of USDA’s commitment to take aggressive action to advance equity for all, especially farmers and producers in underserved communities.

Wealth Watchers Inc. will provide farmers and ranchers with resources and assistance to:
  • Acquire, own, operate and retain agriculture businesses
  • Participate in USDA programs and services
  • Create an economically sustainable system for farming, ranching and land conservation
  • Improve financial literacy
  • Increase use or implementation of conservation practices

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